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Dried mango,
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100% naturally dried mango, without added sugars

Our dried mango is pure and unsweetened, which means you can enjoy the authentic mango flavor without added and refined sugars. The naturally occurring sugars in our dried mango are released slowly during digestion and therefore ensure that you do not get a sugar rush. The texture of the dried mango offers a tasty bite, a refreshing difference from many of today’s over-processed snacks.

There are dozens of different types of mango and there are also many different drying processes. Because we started as a producer and have been in the business for a long time, we know exactly which varieties are the tastiest and what we should pay attention to in terms of quality. Leave that to us. πŸ™‚

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Dried mango in bowl
Women bringing their fresh mangoes to the drying facility where dried mango will be produced

You buy mango from African farmers

With every kilo of dried mango you buy from us, you indirectly buy 35 mangoes from a farmer from Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast or Mozambique. As many as 35 mangoes are needed to produce one kilo of dried mango. Mangoes grow in the poorest areas of the world and this income really makes a big difference for the many people involved in this chain. So snack with a good feeling!

This enormous impact was also the reason why we started drying mangoes in Africa in 2016. Our farmers now have even more work and we are sure that we can deliver the very best quality. In addition, the chain is shorter, which makes our products more affordable.
We deliver to supermarkets and traders throughout Europe and we now also sell directly to you.

How we can offer dried mango so cheaply

Dried mango is expensive, especially in the supermarket, and that is not necessary at all. We were tired of being outplayed by the large supermarkets that always lowered the price. And at the same time they sold our dried mango dearly.
This did not feel good and that is why we started this initiative; we remove the packer, the supermarket and many logistics from the chain and therefore drastically reduce the price; less than half of what you pay in the supermarket. BAM! And now the supermarket again…
To purchase dried mango in Germany go to Getrocknetemango.de, in France to Manguesechee.fr, in the Netherlands to Gedroogdemango.nl. We have a similar website for Pili nuts; Red-rhino.nl and Redrhinonuts.com.

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Dried mango in factory on drying tray
Dried mango online

Sustainable: less transport, less packaging & more trees

Dried mango is about 20 times more efficient to transport than fresh mango. One container of dried mango replaces 20 containers of fresh mango. In addition, dried mango is often transported to a packaging factory and then sent, packaged and all, to the supermarket. We can prevent all these transports by delivering directly to you.

We also pack our mango in larger quantities. This way you are done with one bag instead of, for example, 5 or 10 bags of 200 grams. Moreover, the shipping costs are much cheaper.

By drying mango, a lot of waste is lost and the existing mango trees and plantations gain value for the local population. We see that people take much better care of their mango trees and protect them well because they receive income from them.

Is dried mango healthy?

Is dried mango a healthy snack? We went looking for answers, read more in our blog. Dried mango is a healthy substitute for conventional sweet snacks and sweets, but you can eat or process dried mango in different ways.

Dried mango contains vitamin C, A and folic acid (B9) and provides 47%, 8% and 18% of the daily recommended amount per 100 grams. These vitamins are good for your immune system, skin and eyes, but also prevent cell damage and contribute to the prevention of chronic diseases.
Furthermore, polyphenols and carotenoids are naturally present in our dried mango. (including beta-carotene, which is also found in carrots) These substances are effective against diabetes, inflammation and various diseases.

The large amount of fiber in dried mango makes you feel full more quickly and is good for digestion. In addition, there is scientific evidence linking dried fruit to improved nutrient absorption, lower body weight and reduced fat measurements. Dried mango without added sugar is highly recommended. We guarantee that our mango is unsweetened and unsweetened and therefore contains no refined sugars.

Fresh mango on tree which will be dried later

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